Surrealism of Alexander Shimbarovskyi

by Стожари

Nowadays, it would seem difficult to invent something fundamentally new, especially in art sphere. But photographer Oleksandr Shymbarovskyi manages to impress the global art community with his unique creations.

Germany, BADEN-BADEN, CAB 2017

The works of the Ukrainian author have been repeatedly presented in exhibitions, en plein airs, art festivals and other cultural events around the world – in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden and the United States. The photographer has participated in many charity auctions, and his works are stored in private collections in Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

Shimbarovskyi’s creative method is based on specific techniques of capturing and reproducing images in photography. To improve it, he temporarily left teaching and became a student himself – he completed two programming courses and bought a lot of special equipment. The goal was to shoot real objects imitating the stylistics of the work of Cubist and Surrealist artists. The author notes that he was inspired by works of great masters: Jerome Bosch, Salvador Dali, Maurice Escher and Rene Magritte.

France, NICE 2013

Surreal photos of cities, objects, people are attractive. In this case, the object is shot simultaneously from several sides, and they smoothly flow into each other. Also, different moments of shooting are recorded and later superimposed in one frame, reflecting the nonlinearity of time in the photo. This allows you to clearly show the multidimensionality of any image – both in space and time.

Thus, with the help of non-Euclidean geometry, the photographer transforms tourist attractions into surreal pictures.

But, as the artist notes, quoting the words of Vasyl Kandinsky, the main question of art is “what” and not “how”.

The impressions made by Shimbarovskyi’s original works are similar to phantasmagoric dreams, the artistic distortion of images transports the viewer to amazing other dimensions.

The Netherlands, The Hague 2011

The eternal question of art criticism is “what did the author want to say?”. It’s simple: a new image of familiar things breaks stereotypes. These artworks give a new quality of sensations, and hence new horizons in the knowledge and understanding of the world. By changing perceptions, you expand your consciousness.

As a creative person, Shimbarovskyi is more interested in not giving the viewer a specific attitude, not putting a certain interpretation in his mind, but on the contrary – in encouraging to search, to ask questions, to inspire and to experience endless knowledge of the world. As the author himself notes, he seeks to show the viewer that the real world is much more amazing than we are used to notice.

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