NATO’s ex-commanders highlight priorities of Western support for Ukraine

by Стожари

On the eve of the 75th anniversary of NATO, a group of retired generals of the member countries issued a collective appeal calling to change the policy regarding military and technical support to Ukraine. The change in policy of support for Ukraine is needed to avoid the nation’s defeat in the war with Russia and the undermining of the global security system, to start concluding bilateral security agreements with commitments on the level of military assistance to Ukraine with reference to the GDP share, and to provide a clear plan for Ukraine’s accession to NATO at the summit in Washington, the report reads.

That’s according to Guildhall, Ukrinform reports.

The generals call for the lifting of restrictions on the types and amount of weapons to be transferred to Ukraine, the urgent provision of critical weaponry, and the transfer of military equipment that will ensure a technological advantage over the adversary. The generals emphasize the need to prioritize measures to ensure the operational reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including the provision of ammunition and ensuring maintenance of weapons, to make efforts to expand training of the Ukrainian recruits abroad.

The appeal calls for the conclusion of long-term bilateral security agreements between Ukraine and NATO member countries tied to the level of GDP following the suit of Estonia, with the aim of guaranteeing non-stop military and technical support, and at the Alliance summit in Washington to accept documents on the irreversibility of support for Ukraine until recovery of its territorial integrity and sovereignty, and a clear plan for Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

The address emphasizes the genocidal nature of the Russian war, the purpose of which is the destruction of Ukraine as an independent country and Ukrainians as an independent nation. The generals warn that the West’s failure to support Ukraine will lead to Ukraine’s inevitable defeat, hundreds of thousands of additional casualties, and millions of refugees, and that defeat itself will be seen as an invitation to expansionism by other authoritarian regimes. The defeat of Ukraine will inevitably lead to a loss of confidence in the U.S. as leader of the free world, endanger the existence of NATO, as other members of the Alliance will be forced to seek bilateral agreements with authoritarian nations, in particular the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China.

Among those who signed the appeal are General Sir Richard Shirreff, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (2011-2014); General Riho Terras, Chief of the General Staff of the Estonian Armed Forces (2011-2018); Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, Commander of the US Army Europe (2014-2017); Lieutenant General Mark Hertling, Commander of the US Army in Europe (2011-2012); Major General Michael Repass, Commander of the US Special Operations Forces European Command (2010-2013); Major General Riho Ühtegi, Commander of the Special Operations Forces of Estonia (2012-2019); Klaus Wittmann, Brigadier General of the Bundeswehr, ex-employee of the NATO Headquarters; Janusz Adam Onyszkiewicz, Minister of Defense of Poland (1992-1993, 1997-2000).

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