by Стожари

The war is still ongoing, but we must carry Ukrainian culture and introduce the world to it.

Every year, Ukrainian Christmas carols have been playing in the heart of London on Trafalgar Square for seven years now. This year will not be an exception. Carols will be performed by the professional Cathedral choir called the «Ray of Hope» and Ukrainian singers.

A voluntary group of women in London who supports Ukraine will also take part and perform one of the most famous Ukrainian carols, “Raduysia” (“Rejoice”).

Beginning at 3 PM, 11th December and it will last for one hour.

We will then all go to the Ukrainian rally on Downing Street together. Come and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a real Ukrainian Christmas.

The event is organized British-UkrainianAid charity supporting humanitarian projects in Ukraine/

All the donations will go to the purchase of generators and medical aid to Ukrainian hospitals and shelters.

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