The war in Ukraine. Digest 2 for 03.03.2022

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Mariupol on fire! For more than a day, the Russian invaders have been shelling houses in a city in eastern Ukraine. The military is destroying key infrastructure. One of the shopping malls is on fire right now. They also fired on a blood transfusion station, a school, and a dormitory. Dozens of civilians were injured, the death toll is being determined.

Locals report a humanitarian catastrophe. They were left without water and food. People cannot get out of the city due to the occupation by Russian troops and constant shelling.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine report that the city continues to be under their control, they are providing a decent rebuff to the invaders.
The world’s largest Ukrainian plane, Mriya (Dream), destroyed by the Russian occupiers, burns down at Gostomel airport.

When Russia invaded Ukraine and began shelling, the legendary Mriya was under repair at Antonov airfield. Therefore, the aviation giant AN-225 simply could not take off. It is estimated that the restoration will cost about $ 3 billion.

On the account of the Dream more than 6 dozen flights, the Ukrainian giant was thanked by the Secretary General of NATO, Europe and America met with anticipation. After all, during the pandemic, thousands of tons of medical and humanitarian goods were delivered to various parts of the world.

The last time the legend of Ukrainian aviation impressed the audience in Poland. Effectively emerging from the clouds when landing at the airport in Rzeszow.
She was a unique favorite not only of Ukrainians but also of the world! That’s why we will definitely restore our “Dream”!

Fearless volunteers! The 206th Kyiv Territorial Defense Battalion rescued more than 400 women and children from Irpen, a city near Kyiv surrounded by the Russian occupiers.

Defenders not only found a way to safely evacuate the victims from the devastated city, but also encouraged them to somehow support the frightened women and children.

small cozy town Irpin’, 30 kilometers from the capital, was brutally fired upon by the enemy from the air. The missiles hit residential buildings. The gas pipeline is damaged. Whether there were any casualties during this air strike is still being determined.

Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk has stated that he will defend Ukraine, because it is his duty.

This is how Usyk explained to CNN why he joined the defense. But when he was asked if he ready to kill the invaders, the boxer answered in the affirmative.

After all, as Alexander told, his soul belongs to God, and his body and honor belong to the country.

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