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Звернення до світу по допомогу

Posted Автор: Створено в Нове в діаспорі
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The Request from the Citizens of UKRAINE 


   The President of UKRAINE,

  Mr Petro O. Poroshenko

Copy to:
- Coalition Party in Government "Petro Poroshenko Party"
- Minister of Internal Affairs - A. Avakov
- Coalition Party in Government "Narodniy Front" Leader, A. Yatsenyuk

- Coalition Party in Government "Narodniy Front", Headquarters

- "Azov", Volunteer Corps, National Guards of UKRAINE

- World Media (as the possible act of High Treason was made publicly)

- Western Governmental Institutions ("Financial Blood Donors" of our failing to improve State)

Dear Mister President,
We are the Ukrainian Nation would like to ask you to defend the integrity and the letter of the Ukrainian law, as you should, as the elected guardian of the above.

We would like to drag your attention to the despicable interview content of Mr. Victor Medvedchuk on the Russian TV channel, given in Russia itself, where he was as a personal guest of Mr Putin, attending Sochi "Valday" business forum.

That took place in the very same country, that is in the state of war with Ukraine, and a clear-cut occupying aggressor.

Mr. Victor Medvedchuk, on the other hand, is the Presidential Envoy to the Minsk cease fire talks, representing UKRAINE and its impoverished Nation, despite being a multibillionaire himself with the serious questions of being out of touch with the nation he represents.

We are The UKRAINIANS are deeply troubled and very concerned that the Presidential Envoy, Envoy of Ukraine stated that "The Party of War" is in charge in UKRAINE and is against peace.

! That is in a direct contadiction to the real situation in UKRAINE itself !


 Russian Federation occupied and incorporated Ukrainian Crimean Peninsular into its own state (2014), it also pretends that it does not fight this Hybrid War against Ukraine in the East of Ukraine, where tens of thousands of Ukrainians are dead, and many millions are displaced... They seem to have hired the Ukrainian Envoy to trump up their lies in their murderous and sleazy war against Ukraine.

The Ukrainian coalition government consists of The Presidential Party, "Petro Poroshenko Party", as well as the other coalition partners.

The Ukrainian Parliament must cease all its activity in the event of the coalition split.

Could the one name that 'against peace', "Governmental Party of War" then ... ?

... and furthermore, he continued, "The Euro-Integration will devastate UKRAINE"...

All of the above is the terrible twist of the recent history and the very recent shocking events in Ukraine, and its bloody straggle against the serfdom of Moscow.

Those words is the direct attack at the Nation of Ukraine, and at the President of Ukraine (!)

Mr. V. Medvedchuk stated that the Government of Ukraine does not reflect the interests of the Nation of Ukraine... 

The new Government of Ukraine was brought to Power in the 2014 as the direct result of the Ukrainian Nation Euro-Integration desires, and with the explicit and specific mandate for that.

Who does that Multibillionaire  Presidential Diplomatic Envoy Mr. Victor Medvedchuk actually represents in his direct act of alleged High Treason against Ukraine, its Great Nation, and the Institute of the President of Ukraine?

What has he already signed on our behalf? Does it have any judicial implication now? What's next ... If the issue of High Treason of a Diplomat is indeed being strongly contemplated here.

Why did the state so readily applied the illegal "Gagging Order" to the entertaining theatrical group "Kvartal95" for their very legal criticism of the Governmental, and indeed Presidential failures to deal with corruption

... and yet ... Here is an act of an alleged High Treason against Ukraine and you personally, as its President, remains unanswered.

We are the Ukrainian Nation do not find acceptable what is being said against us as well as against our Institution of the Ukrainian President and Government.

We could not see how any further representation of Ukraine in Minsk talks as well as at any other events by this person could at all be possible.

In fact, this is rather a matter the alleged High Treason against the State of Ukraine.

In addition, Mrs. I Geraschenko (Ukrainian Parlament, Deputy Head)  highlighted the occasions of individual trips by the Kyiv MPs to the enemy state, Moscow, as completely unacceptable.

(Russian Federation is an occupier and is a subject in this hybrid war against Ukraine. Unfortunately, the World does not want to wake up and to see the enormity of what actually has happened in the Geographical Centre of Europe. It ignores Ukraine, and takes no meaningful steps to rectify the issue according to the Budapest94 Memorandum,- where the USA and the UK guarantee the territorial integrity and Sovereignty of Ukraine in exchange for the World Third Nuclear Arsenal. Thus, what was that agreement (?) ... A one big fat lie.?.. )

In relation to Mr. Victor Medvedchuk, We are the Nation, ask the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr A. Avakov, and all the above stated parties to defend the Integrity and the rights of The Ukrainian Nation, the State of Ukraine, and the President of Ukraine.





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