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The USA, The UK, France, China, UN, and The World, Please step up to your RESPONSIBILITIES for UKRAINE (!)

Posted Автор: Створено в Нове в діаспорі
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The USA, The UK, France, China, UN, and The World, Please step up to your RESPONSIBILITIES  for UKRAINE (!)

   Ukraine gave up the World's Third Largest Nuclear Arsenal in Return for YOUR Security Guarantees and Protections (Budapest'94 Memorandum!)

 Dear Citizens of The Free World, Dear Leaders of The Free World

Dear Democracies of the World, and all freedom aspiring People

 Dear World Media

   We, The Nation of UKRAINE, demand that the United States of America, The United Kingdom, and The People of The Free World step up to their's/your's obligations and to start talking about /acting on/ the Territorial Integrity & Unity, as well as the viability, of UKRAINE next to Moscow !

 (As you promised)

  Many thousands dead & millions of displaced  UKRAINIANS are already on your conscience!!

 The USA and the UK were the prime signatories (guarantors) under the 1994 Budapest Treaty, where the World Third Largest Nuclear Power, UKRAINE, did surrender all of its Nuclear Arsenal in the exchange of The Sovereign State Guarantees with its Territorial Integrity.

 It is Time to honour your word, ladies and gentlemen (!)

 ...Or shall the World nations start developing Nuclear and Dirty  bombs, as we are falling into the abyss of lies, deceit, false promises, and broken International Law ?

... The Former World Third Nuclear Nation has been "taken to the cleaners"...?

 We all live on One Planet and the Ukrainian Nation deserves the attention of the Whole World, and not just of Russia, Germany and France, who so far, as it seems, had been busy dismembering UKRAINE, changing its Laws & Constitution (!)

 What happened in Ukraine so far - is an act of International Terrorism !

 Together, we must stop it. Shooting of the Malasia Boing, with the EU Citizens on board, is 'the tip of the iceberg' only.

UKRAINE could be the 'Syria2' & it is in the Geographical Centre of Europe, & is absolutely full of Nuclear Stations ...

 For nearly one thousand years, UKRAINE battled the Eastern foes and thus, it was saving the rest of Europe from them.

 We are "the history alive", the vivid survived representatives of the several genocides against us, including the World Greatest Ever Genocide - "Holodomor33"...


10+m Ukrainians ≳  5+m Jews

 ... and yet, the World forgotten us for some reason, us being not regenerated (unlike Israel), but actively decimated today, and right now !

 You are very lucky that you do not know to full extend what Moscovia** and  the fascism of the WWII could actually mean

 UKRAINE is also the Founder of the UN and the State of Israel.

(There was no Russia there,- but the USSR. UKRAINE WAS THERE ! & yet has no permanent voice there now.)

 World, please look back at the "Tsardom of Hitler", and your own inactions, as well as how it all paned out for the Whole World and for yourselves included...

 Now what ? Eager to try the cloth of "the Putin's Tsardom" ...(?)

 Events of both the above  "Tsardoms" are identical though.

Thus, what are we doing about it ? The same nightmare twice then ...?

 Dear Citizens of the World, if you do not get your act together and do not help UKRAINE in its battle for Freedom,- the Fire of War, Political Sleaze, and Devastation will come to your own houses, but only a bit later... .

 Thank you for your attention.

 ** - Moscovia stole even the very name from the conquered lands of the Kiyv (Kiev) Russ. 

 Please see the links to the fairly recent maps





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